Frequently Asked Questions

You asked—we answered. Here’s (almost) everything you might need to know about us.

Can I import content from another service?

Yes indeed, we can even help you migrate an existing website to our systems. For some websites, this process can be relatively quick and inexpensive. If you have a large website to migrate, we’ll help you and ensure that it works perfectly on our platform.

Can I get an email account?

Along with hosting your website under your custom domain, we provide email delivery when actions taken on your site need an email sent out as a result (e.g., confirmation emails when someone submits a form). If you also need actual email hosting so that you can receive emails to an account with your custom domain, we can help you get set up with another email service provider.

Do you offer managed WordPress hosting?

This is one of the things we specialize in best. Our WordPress platform is fine-tuned so that websites load quickly and work reliably. We take care of all plugin updates and backups so that you can focus on the content of your site.

Will my website have an SSL (TLS) certificate?

Yes, and it is free for you. Every site on our system is secure and uses the HTTPS protocol by default because security is a top priority for us. We maintain these certificates to ensure that they are upgraded and rotated on a regular basis according to best security practices.

Do I have to pay extra for a premium theme or premium plugins?

We have already purchased a few premium themes and plugins for our customers, so you don’t need to pay anything extra if we already have what you need. The themes we use are very powerful and can be used for creating any kind of website. And the existing plugins give you many advanced features. You may, of course, talk to us about purchasing additional plugins.

Does my plan auto‑renew?

The plans you sign up for renew automatically, though you may negotiate a special deal with us if you’d like. You sign up once, and your billing works automatically from then on. If your payment method needs to be updated, we’ll let you know.

Does unused support time roll over each month?

Your unused support hours roll over for up to two following months. So if your plan includes one hour of dedicated support each month and you don’t use it during some month, then the next month you are entitled to two hours of support; if this time is again not used, then the following month you get three hours; after that the dedicated support time stays at three hours (one hour from each of the three months).

What do I do if I need more support time?

You may always ask us for additional support beyond the dedicated monthly support that you purchase with your hosting plan, but this additional support is charged as extra work. The work beyond the pre-paid monthly time is billed at the rate of $75 per hour.

Still have questions? Please send us a message